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We are always gratified when we hear back from both students and parents about their Mountain Dream experiences.  Here are some comments from past cast members, and their parents,

"Mountain Dream Productions provides a wonderful opportunity for a young performer's first foray into the world of theatre.  The Mountain Dream community is incredibly supportive.  Not only do students develop their singing, dancing and acting weekly on the stage, but they also learn about teamwork, responsibility and confidence all while building lasting friendships." - Katherine Evans, former student and award-winning television actress.

"Musical theatre night with Mountain Dream is our daughter's favourite night of the week!  The staff provide so much fun, laughter, encouragement and opportunities to grow as a performer.  If your child loves to be on stage, I highly recommend this program" - Sharon, from Sidney

"As someone who grew up in the Mountain Dream family.  I can confidently say it helped to shape me into the person I am today.  Without performing, I would not be as confident nor would I have discovered such a passion for the arts.  Mountain Dream introduced to me to some of my best friends in the world and I continue to cherish all the opportunities it has presented me in my life" - Amara, from Victoria, a former student


"Our daughter has been part of Mountain Dream Productions for six years.  The combination of singing, dancing and acting gives her a great workout in mind and body.  The team environment fosters friendships and self confidence.  It has been a life-changing program for our daughter" - Rob, from North Saanich

"Being involved in Mountain Dream has helped me grow as a person. I entered a shy little girl and came out a confident young woman. Not only was I pushed as a performer but also as a person. It gave me a passion for the arts that I never knew I had, lifelong friends, and self confidence not only in performing but in everyday life.  I will never forget all the memories and fun times I had at Mountain Dream." - Jenny from Sidney, a former student

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