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Student Registration 2022-2023

Please review these terms and conditions, prior to

completing the registration form at the bottom of this page.



Mountain Dream operates a musical theatre class for students who are serious about learning and mastering skills needed to be successful in Musical Theatre. The size of our class is limited, so that we can be sure to provide our excellent professional instruction with a good student-staff ratio.

Due to scheduling constraints, we will not be offering a THEATRICAL CLASS this fall.

The COMPANY CLASS operates on TUESDAYS from September through to June, from 4 to 8PM.

It is an intensive class with instruction and rehearsal proceeding quickly.


A minimum age of 10 at the start of classes is required. 


If you have no Mountain Dream experience, that's all right but we'll want to have a chat about the class or perhaps do an audition before you make any payments, as the pace of instruction is pretty quick and we don't want to overwhelm you.

Actors are expected to do work at home - learning lines, practicing choreography, and singing - 


  • Dance wear or loose clothing (track pants, T-shirt, etc.). No blue jeans or other restrictive clothing.  We also discourage sweatshirts as things can get pretty warm during activity.

    • A common requirement for our productions is black dance pants.

    • The black dance pants should be plain and unadorned with logos, glitter or other patterns.

  • Black dance shoes or jazz shoes. No tap shoes.

    • Mountain Dream can help you find appropriate shoes or dancewear, at a reasonable price, ordered online from our distributor.

    • We can also direct you to dance supply stores in the area, if needed.

  • Pencil

  • Binder and notepaper

  • Water Bottle

Students may withdraw by the end of first month without further penalty, but payment for the first month is non-refundable. For withdrawal after the end of the first month, all fees are non-refundable.   Note that the Company-class is a full-year programme, and fees are payable for the entire year's classes.


Students who miss classes put themselves and their fellow performers at a disadvantage. Students who miss a class are expected to contact other students and engage in further home study to ensure that they are able to keep up.  We try to record each rehearsal so that it can be reviewed after the class. Refunds/discounts are not given for missed classes.

Mountain Dream observes the two weeks of Christmas Break and two weeks of March Break.

During show weeks, attendance at all technical and dress rehearsals, is mandatory.


Company Class students will perform in a major production in June.  This will be a number of performances over four days.  Tickets will go on sale (usually) in April and will be reserved seating.

There may be additional performance opportunities throughout the year.

Company Class tuition is $1200 for the full 35 week programme (+ GST = $1260

There is no partial year option for the Company Class.

  • 15% discount for two or three children in a family

  • 25% discount for four or more children in a family

Payment by credit card is also subject to an additional credit card processing fee (2.9% + $0.30)

There is a non-refundable 5% registration fee ($60.00) that is applied to your tuition, upon registration.

There is limited financial assistance available for families who may require it.

Fees will not be pro-rated for those who are registered after classes have started.

These fees, which have increased this year for the first time in 10 years, are still lower than any other theatre programme and are comparable with the tuition for any dance programme (which also costs you extra for costuming).  There is no difference in price for those cast in an ensemble or a featured role.  Everyone pays the same and everyone gets the same instruction.

However, our tuition Fees include the following, and no extra payment is required for:

  • Administration fees (a $75.00 value)

  • Major costuming fees (a value worth $75-500 for each costume - in our last production we had some actors with ten costumes - that adds up.)

    • (you may be asked to provide items of clothing for costuming that could be in your actor's wardrobe, and would then keep them after the show.)

  • Recital/theatre fees ($15 to $75 value)

  • Script fees (unless Mountain Dream is charged a script fee from the license holder)

  • Headshot photography fees (worth up to $100 for each picture)


Ticket costs for productions are not included in the fees. 

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